The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo
Eastern province

Adrien Villa, # 28 Surappatu Main Road, Vinayagapuram,
Kolathur P.O Chennai 600 099

Our Crest

Our Crest

The centre of the emblem is occupied with a golden beehive flanked by bees of a golden hue on either side. Above these are found the letters SCB in silver entwined with a golden chord. The whole crest is surrounded by lilies and violets in the midst of which is the motto: LABOUR, FAITH, and PROGRESS. The entire crest is surmounted by a Cross radiating the divine rays. The beehive represents every community of St.Charles inhabited by busy bees. Bees are known for their well ordered organisation, team work and shared responsibility, all working together for the common goal, faithfully fulfilling the task entrusted to each and using all their individual talents and resources for the growth of their kind. The end product of the labour of these tireless workers benefits not only the members of the hive, but the honey and the wax is used for various purposes by humankind. The bees are also a symbol of contemplative attitude in action. The golden chord entwining itself round the initials SCB is a symbol of mortification and austerity. It is a chord that binds the sisters together in love, piety and dedication to a common goal. The congregation was founded on the faith and hard labour of the first sisters and on this foundation they continue to build by their personal faith and toil which alone will ensure its progress. Crowning the whole emblem is the Cross, “In the Cross is life, in the Cross is strength, and in the Cross is joy of spirit, in the Cross is height of virtue, in the cross is perfection of sanctity”. From this Cross emanate rays of divine light and the warmth of divine light and the warmth of divine love which make the lilies and the violets bloom spreading their perfume around them, charming symbols of purity of mind and heart, of humility and modesty.

Faith, Toil, progress

  Dear coat -of – arms, with joy supreme I gaze upon each radiant beam That darting forth, recalls to me Our high ideal: True sanctity. crest_thumb
img4 In sixteen eighty four, blest year; Our Mother House was founded, dear; St.Charles Borromeo, acclaimed By all the Church, was Patron named.
  As trusting children, let us turn To our loved Saint, and gladly learn To imitate his piety, His fervour great, and charity.
scb Upon the crest, the cord entwined Around his initials, remind, That senses mortified, will lead And may we keep this motto true. The shield has symbols fair to see
img1 Sweet violets full of modesty And lilies, in the summer light Of purity, and emblem bright. img7
img6 The hive depicted, in its cells Has busy bees, whose labour tells That as their plunder, honey yields Our love and zeal should reach far fields.
  Our souls should generous be found To help and brighten lives around, Forgetting self, with sweet accord, As virgin-wax burns for the Lord img2
img3 O blest and holy Cross inspire In us a pure and firm desire To work for Christ, and fight all sin A glorious crown in Heaven to win.
  And may we keep this motto true In mind, whatever we say and do; Faith, Toil and Progress, here below, Then endless bliss above, we know. img5

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The Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo – Eastern Province
Adrien Villa, # 28 Surappatu Main Road, 
Kolathur P.O Chennai 600 099

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