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The renowned moral theologian Bernard Haring once said: “If Christ is not the centre, we become eccentric”. Christian tradition always insisted upon the vital importance of a God experience. It has to be a deep and personal experience. Only such an experience will help a religious person to live the primacy of God in her life, to live the vows in a radical manner and to give oneself totally to the mission in favour of the poor and the marginalized. In short, religious life is a way of life built around God experience and it aims at revealing the fire of that experience. Juniors1 The junior sisters placed in the communities are helped to grow and attain physical, mental, human, and psychological maturity through various programmes under the guidance of the superiors and the junior directress. At this period they are introduced to the ministries to make a deeper study of the spirit of the congregation. The junior sisters are prepared according to their aptitude in spiritual and secular studies for the mission. The community and personal spiritual exercise help them to strengthen their vocation and discover God within which sustains their spiritual stream of life and that carries them to an effective ministry. They are enabled to develop the evangelical conviction that there is no spirituality without a sincere and serious commitment to the poor. The formation of the juniors takes place in different phases.

  • Soon after the first profession one week of orientation is given in the Provincial house under the direction of the Juniorate Directress.
  • At the end of second year the juniors are sent for 10 days of Ashram experience
  • Those due for final profession are given an year of intense preparation that includes Theological studies.
  • Every year the junior Sisters do some Scriptural Studies.
  • The junior Sisters have a batch wise gathering for renewal programmes, retreat etc., once a year.
  • The Junior Directress visits the junior sisters at least once a year in their communities.
  • The Directress and the Junior sisters correspond regularly
Junior Directresses Period
Sr. Ignatius Thomas 1985 - 1993
Sr. Christy Saroj 1993 - 2000
Sr. Josita Manavalan 2000 - 2006
Sr. Ignatius Thomas 2006 - 2009
Sr. Lilly Kuriakose 2009 -2013
Sr.Nirmala William 2013 -

Religious journey is a journey with Christ and of kenosis. The primary pre-occupation of religious search is for the transcendent and the ultimate meaning of life that leads the individuals to God-realization and liberation. The inspirations, instructions, guidelines received from God, the General, Provincial Superiors, church authorities, periodicals, books, seminar, retreats etc. widen the vision and mission of all the Sisters. They respond to the call of God and vibrantly move with the Spirit. Rest, relaxation and renewal programmes organized periodically at the community and Province level rejuvenate the senior members. They are oriented to seek God–experience, discipleship and wholeness as an unending process. They are given every possibility to attain this realization and actualization. The happy ‘community living’ is their source of strength to bear fruit in plenty. Juniors A sample list of the enrichment programmes organized for the senior sisters.

  • Seminars for the senior citizens of the congregation
  • Renewal seminar for the middle aged sisters
  • Seminar on leadership
  • Charism retreat
  • Community building sessions
  • Study of the documents of the Church, Gospels, courses on Eucharist
  • Preparation for overseas mission
  • Formator’s course for selected individuals
  • Spirituality and renewal courses for for those who have worked long years in the institutions
  • Pre – Chapter and Post (Provincial/ General) Chapter meetings and workshops
  • Special renewal courses and seminars for members involved in specific apostolic activities: Teaching Sisters; Social Workers; Nurses; Animators; Bursars; Head of the Departments; Vocation Promoters

St. Charles Borromeo

Fr.Adrien Bresy the founder proposed St.Charles Borromeo as Patron of the Congregation


Our Crest

The whole crest is surrounded by lilies and violets in the midst of which is the motto: LABOUR, FAITH, and PROGRESS. The entire crest is surmounted by a Cross radiating the divine rays.

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