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This has been symbolically represented as we glance at the community of Ammoor. This house was branched out from Little Flower Convent Ranipet in the year 1984. It was closed down for some years and revived again in full swing in the year 1999 – a solid reason to have “Double Delight”! ‘Double delight’ represents the community at Ammoor. This house was branched out from Little Flower Convent, Ranipet. It had two phases, one a short period after which it was closed down and the second phase during which its life was revived to its life in full swing. Therefore we have a solid reason to call it “Double Delight”! Thanks to Mr. Michael, the Station Master of Walajapet railway station, who in the first place informed Mother Ann Mary about the availability of land for purchase at Ammoor. Mother Ann Mary had farsightedness too, she purchased 8 acres and 28 cents of land at Ammoor. The registration was done on August 11, 1969 and was blessed by Rev. Fr. C.M. Peter, the Parish Priest of Ranipet. A small house built and blessed on May 31, 1971 by Rev. Fr. Christi.” (Ref: Seeds of Compassion Vol.I –pg. 35-36). This land was a source of income that sustained partially the maintenance of the Home for Children at Ranipet. As years passed by having a nuclear community at Ammoor was contemplated and was realized on June 15, 1987. The farm house that existed already was modified to accommodate the candidates. The first 10 candidates who began their initial stage of religious life were surely the ‘delightful roses’ of this house. Sr. Loyola was the superior and Sr. Pushpa was the directress of the candidates. The Sacred Presence of our Lord was installed by the Bishop of Vellore Rt. Rev. Michael Augustine on September 26, 1987. Thus, a farm house turned into a home for the candidates from 1987 and it remained so till 1992. When the candidates were shifted from Ammoor to Arpana at A V M Street, Perambur, Chennai in June 1992 the objective of having a community was shelved. Therefore in 1993, it was closed down. The fallen flower, as if it had become the manure that increased the fertility of the soil, the community of St. Charles Convent, Ammoor, sprouted with new life on May 31, 1999. The revival of this community surely doubled our joy. Sr. Paula headed the community with Sr. Saroj and Sr. Rufina. This time the purpose of opening the community was to adapt to suit the new demand of an English medium Primary School. At Little Flower Convent, Ranipet the classes were over crowded and so Ammoor was considered the right choice to accommodate the over flowing strength in the school. On December 15, 1999 the foundation stone was laid for the school. Sr. Amala was appointed as the Superior of the community after Sr. Paula. She was succeeded by Sr. Joel. The hard labour of Sr.Sagayam and the Sisters at LFC came to realization on May 25, 2001 with the completion of the School building consisting of ground and first floor .Classes commenced on June 6, 2001 in the new building. Another ‘delight’ is that this school has been upgraded to Matriculation School. Sr. Kani was at the helm of the school followed by Sr. Joel and Sr.Rufina. Today we are proud to mention that it is raised to a Higher Secondary School with strength of 1428 students and 45 teaching staff. People are contented as we provide coeducation in a healthy atmosphere. The progress has been in leaps and bounds and the school has grown beautifully with well equipped laboratory, library and other facilities including school buses. This school in Ammoor bears the same name of LFC as not to lose its popularity. In fact today it is a matter of pride and “double delight” to us, the Sister of St.Charles and to those who enter the campus and those who pass by the portals of LFC.

Geographical Location

Ammoor belongs to Vellore district. It is 30 kms from North East of Vellore and 4 kms North of Ranipet. The Convent is at Ammoor Koot road where Ceylon repatriates are housed. The place is dominated by Vanniya community and Muslim population who run quite a number of tanneries.


Evening classes are conducted for the children of local schools. This school is a boon to the surrounding villages. The Sisters are also involved in Parish outreach programmes, taking charge of the sub-station at Walajapet. Sisters participate in the Basic Christan Community meetings and visit the families. Ammoor has a new cemetery built at the left side of the land where Sr. Anita and Sr. Virginy are laid to rest. The community of Ranipet cooperates with this community for their growth and welfare. Spiritual help is given by the parish priest of Ranipet, the Jesuits and Capuchin fathers who are at Arcot. The community at Ammoor constantly strives towards their goal of holistic development of their students and restoration of human dignity through empowerment and development programmes. Becoming more and more like Jesus through the manifestation of compassionate love in their ministry of education, pastoral care and social development programmes, the mission of this community is spreading the fragrance of “double delight rose” in their milieu.

St. Charles Borromeo

Fr.Adrien Bresy the founder proposed St.Charles Borromeo as Patron of the Congregation


Our Crest

The whole crest is surrounded by lilies and violets in the midst of which is the motto: LABOUR, FAITH, and PROGRESS. The entire crest is surmounted by a Cross radiating the divine rays.

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