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Vocation Promotion

What is Religious vocation?
Religious vocation is a special grace that God gives to certain persons.Calling them to a life of the evangelical councils – by John A. harson SJ. We see in the Bible how God calls the prophets and for what he calls.

Abraham: To be a blessing
Moses: To redeem the people from the slavery of the Egyptians
Jeremiah: To pluck up and to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant
Isaiah: God called Isaiah to give hope to the people by speaking about the promised Messiah
Amos: To establish justice in the unjust society
NT: Jesus calls the disciples to be with him, to be sent out and to proclaim the message and to have authority to cast out the demons


Yes they were the mouthpiece or spokesmen of God, the prophet’s primary duty is to speak God’s message to the people, the broadest meaning is that of forth telling; the narrower meaning is that of foretelling.

First, they functioned as preachers who expounded and interpreted the Mosaic Law to the nation. It was their duty to admonish, reprove, denounce sin, threaten with the terrors of judgment, call to repentance, and bring consolation and pardon.

Second, they functioned as predictors who announced the forth coming judgment, deliverance, and events relating to the Messiah and His kingdom.Finally, they functioned as watchmen over the people of Israel (Ezek. 3:17).

From the prophets call we know that God calls them for a purpose and destiny. Why did he call me? What is the purpose of my call? Religious vocation is a call to reformation. It is not for a success or accomplishment but for reformation.

  • My thinking
  • My words,
  • My deeds and attitudes,
  • My life style,
  • My mission

Our pope Francis in his address to women religious says, what the church would be without women, it would lack maternity, affection and tenderness. Let us feel proud of our call. To continue this beautiful mission we need people and we have the great responsibility of calling the young ones to this way of life.

What is vocation promotion?

  • In John 1:29-51 “Behold the lamb of God” says John to his disciples.
  • Andrew says to Peter “we have found the Messiah” and he brought him to Jesus.
  • Philip said to Nathaniel “we have found him come and see”
  • God the Father says “this is my beloved son, listen to him”.Vocation promotion is therefore pointing out to the person of Jesus. Awakening the person’s attentiveness to his call and facilitating a free and generous response to it.

Who is a vocation promoter?
The one experiences Jesus and fulfils the demands of that experience with others.

Task of vocation promoters
2 aspects: being and doing.

  • Be: to be touched
  • Do: enable the other to be touched by visiting our schools, parishes and families.

As a vocation promoters we need to be systematic in our beings and thinking here are the few formulas will help us to be an effective Vps

  • Self formula: 5 S’
  • Energy formula: 5 Es’
  • Spiritual formula: 5 S’
  • Change formula: 5Vias’
  • Target formula: 5Ts’
  • Synthesis –Formula

How can you discover a true vocation?
Some of the typical features of a true vocation to the religious life?

  • A strong faith in God
  • love of prayer<
  • We need to be SMART
    • S – Specific
    • M – Manageable
    • A – Action Oriented
    • R – Radical
    • T – Time management
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